Hello fans! Long time no chat, eh?? My absence is because I've been in the process of moving the blog over to a self hosted website. So now, it's an actual website, not a free extension of wordpress. The move will give me a lot more freedom to customize it and grow the BABELS just … Continue reading WE’RE MOVING!!!!!

Art Gallery Lunch Breaks

One thing I’ve noticed since moving is that lunch breaks are seriously enforced here. Barely anyone eats at their desk unless they are super swamped and the norm is to take the full hour (often more) to go eat, have a coffee, catch up with friends, and shop. While this has taken some getting used … Continue reading Art Gallery Lunch Breaks

Twilight at Stanley Market

Markets are pretty much synonymous with Asia. You think Asia, you most likely think of pushing your way through market streets crowded with throngs of people all bartering their way into the best fakes around. Whether this description is something you’ve witnessed in real life or just seen perpetuated in the movies, it’s TRUE! The … Continue reading Twilight at Stanley Market

DimDim Sum Dim Sum

Nope that's not a typo. One of Hong Kong's best dumpling restos is called DimDim Sum Dim Sum. What a mouthful!! Once TT had left, I was back to my own dumpling devices. This has been my first "real" business trip and I have to say I am killing the solo travel game! It's not … Continue reading DimDim Sum Dim Sum

Exploring The Peak, Hong Kong

Since TT was only in Hong Kong for the weekend, we really tried to fit as much as we possibly could in to the two days he was here. Waking up bright and early Sunday, we emerged bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to make the most of the last few hours we had together. … Continue reading Exploring The Peak, Hong Kong

Saturdae with Bae in HK

I have been so lucky to be able to explore such an incredible city for so long and my excitement topped out at TT coming to visit for the weekend! We had talked about wanting to see Hong Kong and me getting sent here for work was just the push we needed for a spontaneous … Continue reading Saturdae with Bae in HK

Tim Ho Wan and Happy Valley Horse Races

If you live in New York, chances are you've heard of Tim Ho Wan. Known for being the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world, Tim Ho Wan opened its doors in Hong Kong in 2009 and now boasts 45 outlets across three continents with the first North American outpost opening in New York's East … Continue reading Tim Ho Wan and Happy Valley Horse Races

Ding Dim 1968

Ladies and gents, get ready for dumplings, dumplings, and more dumplings. Hong Kong is all about dim sum. Also known as "yum cha", dim sum brunch might be the most popular and well-known form of Cantonese cuisine. Traditionally, it is a fun mid-morning to afternoon meal with tea, enjoyed by family and friends, highlighted by … Continue reading Ding Dim 1968

Hop on over to Hong Kong – Yixin Restaurant and Lockhart Road

So far, I've been in Hong Kong for two weeks and have one more week to go. Here for work and have spent (almost) every moment out of the office exploring and eating and seeing everything I possibly can...and hopefully taking enough pictures to take you all along with me! I landed in Hong Kong … Continue reading Hop on over to Hong Kong – Yixin Restaurant and Lockhart Road

A Quick JB Jaunt

For how easy and accessible so much of Asia is to Singy, none is easier than Malaysia - Johor Bahru, specifically. Johor Bahru is the capital of the Malaysian state of Johor and shares the closest border with Singapore. JB might be best known for the hours and hours that people spend in the traffic … Continue reading A Quick JB Jaunt